Review Accidental Husband: A Romance Collection by Nikki Chase

What have I done?
I can’t believe I’ve screwed up this badly.
Okay. Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out.
I can fix this. I just need to get this accidental marriage annulled…
before my husband finds out I’m pregnant with his baby.

Hot as sin. Richer than God. Notorious modelizer.

That’s Luke Alder. The guy I see on TV the morning after my drunken adventure, walking out of a wedding chapel… with me.

What a mess.

But at least the solution is obvious. I just need to get an annulment. Easy, right?

Except I’m also pregnant. With a stranger’s baby. (I mean, technically he’s my husband. But still.)

One problem at a time, though. I need to get Luke’s signature on the annulment papers first. When we’re no longer husband and wife, I’ll tell him about the baby.

But then, as if I’m not already neck-deep in crap, I walk into my new office on my first day of work… and there he is. My husband. He has bought the company I work for, and now he’s my boss.

Lunch meetings. Business trips. How am I supposed to hide my pregnancy when he won’t leave me alone?

His gaze blazes with red-hot need. His touch brands my skin with an unquenchable yearning. His voice, whispering all the right words, spreads desire like wildfire throughout my body.

He wants to claim me as his own. His possession. And if he keeps this up, I might just give in.

Accidental Husband: A Romance Collection contains three stand-alone, full-length novels of approximately 50,000 words each:
-Accidental Husband
-His Virgin
-Mountain Man’s Baby Plan
No cheating, no cliffhanger, and guaranteed HEAs.

Accidental Husband: A Romance Collection by [Chase, Nikki]


Editorial Reviews


Scrumptious with the kick-butt style that is Nikki m.o. It’s a sexy, funny, bad to the bone writing that catches us in the whirlwind and makes us believe that love and fate hold all the cards.
The plot was well written and well planned out which captured my attention from the very first page! However, it was the well fleshed out characters that really kept me totally captivated until the turn of the very last page!
Holy Hotness! I absolutely loved this book and especially the characters in it. The story-line was so good and just flowed right along till the end and I would definitely recommend it to others. A must read book!
Great read!!!! It was very well written with an amazing story line!! I loved the steaminess of the book. It had witty banter and great connections… a must read!!!
Fun and sexy accidental marriage/baby romance. These characters have flaws and ticks that just mesh together perfectly. Humorous throughout with laugh out loud moments and quiet smiles in others.
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Claudia Berryman
Sophia and Elijah story is amazing which happens to be the second story in this wonderful book. The first story is masterful. That’s Daisys story and Omgoodness you’re in for a treat with that one..a hellava treat. So do yourself a favor purchase the won’t be disappointed😊
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Tessa goes to visit a friend in LV and ends up having fun with Luke. She doesn’t know a thing about Luke but they have a fantastic night. When her friend wakes her up the next morning, she finds out she is married to a billionaire playboy. Yikes! She immediately thinks she needs to get this annulled ASAP and sends him an email stating this. Luke isn’t wanting to end the marriage so he tries to talk to Tessa but she doesn’t want to see him. At home, Tessa goes to see a lawyer only to find out she has to wait 30 days before she can file. They accidentally bump into each other in Colorado as Luke has bought the company that she just started working in as a PA. So Luke moves her to be in PA so he can spend more time with her and to get her to stay married. This book was humorous and hot in all the right places. Loved Luke as he was a great guy and not all dark and brooding like so many of these billionaires are nowadays. And that he was willing to give it a go was totally swoon-worthy and made me give him a thumbs up! I really enjoyed this book and recommend it. The extra books included in this book is greatly appreciated too! Reading them now.


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