Review Claiming Her by R.R. Banks

I take what I want, and what I want is Olivia…

I wanted her the moment I saw her.
Virgin curves, sun-kissed lips, legs that wouldn’t quit.
She craved adventure, and I craved her.
Billionaires don’t ask permission, they just take.
So I took Olivia… all night long.
Before I could taste her sweet curves again, she disappeared.

Two years later, she’s back. Olivia’s my new secretary.
And she has a big secret, my son.
We revisited our past. And woke up with a ring on our fingers.

This marriage may be a mistake, but my vows are real.

But someone’s still trying to keep us apart… 
Whoever kept me away from my family will f*cking pay! 

Claiming Her by [Banks, R.R.]


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Here’s what reviewers are saying about Claiming Her 

· “R.R. Banks has a beautiful way with words. Once I picked this book up, I didn’t want to put it down!!!! Highly recommend this book!!!!!” – Melanie Mertz, Reviewer

· “This story threw so many curve balls I had no clue where the story would go. It was great to not be able to predict what came next.” – Sonia Chapple, Reviewer

· “There is a roller coaster of ups and down and so many deceptions that will have you gasping and waiting on edge to what will happen.” – LBMN, Reviewer

· “Claiming Her is a compelling must devour absolutely delicious book.R.R. Banks can spin an addictive storyline like no one’s business and will leave you coming back for more.” – JJ, Reviewer

· “I was captivated by the story from beginning to end. R. R. Banks is quickly becoming a favored author for me.” – Chris Bennett, Reviewer

· “Brilliant and addictive! Author Banks has achieved the perfect blend of sweetness, smoldering sexy, and want-to-throw your kindle against the wall angst.” – Fixer Upper, Reviewer

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and boy, oh, boy, am I glad I got to read it, I loved it so very much I bought it, too!!!!!! Every time R.R. Banks wows me with a story I fall in mad love with, I think to myself “that’s it, this is my favourite book” and then he writes another and bowls me over!

This book beautifully showcased the depths of emotion two people falling in love can experience; and how easily it can all change. The story was simply inspired, as were the amazing characters; the vivid, and gorgeous, backdrops and settings; the twists and turns of an energetic and well-woven plot; and the stunning conclusion to a full-of-feels story arc. The humour, of course, was also everything I love and delight in with a Banks Original Book.

Will this book make you giggle? Yes. Will the steamy scenes make you sigh in contentment and melt into an overheated pile of mush? Yes, and you’ll love it. Will it evoke a reaction, good or bad, in you? Hell yes. Will this book pull you in and grip you tightly, work its way under your skin and embed itself in your heart? So. Much. YES. And you will be so happy it did, too. I simply can’t recommend this book enough! Read it, read it, read it!


Let’s go to Catalina Island Resort where you will fall in love, have your heart broken, and find your happily ever after. Vincent Preston is the owner who has kept himself anonymous so only a select few know his identity at his resort properties. He meets Olivia Alcott while she is on vacation and sweeps her off her feet. Olivia is the sweet, innocent socialite and Vincent seems like the perfect Prince (not always so) Charming – perfect fairytale or is it? As in all fairytales, there has to be a wicked witch. Follow Vincent and Olivia on a journey full of twists and turns, coping with the evil machinations of a spiteful “friend” which leads to misunderstandings, heartache and eventually an unexpected reunion where secrets are revealed and the truth comes out.

R.R. Banks weaves an engaging tale of romantic intrigue with a definite HEA. The storyline flows smoothly with interesting and solid characterizations. It is full of conflict, angst, jealous schemes, and HOT romance. You may even be brought to tears. Once you start reading, you will find it hard to put down. I highly recommend this very appealing read!

I am voluntarily providing an honest, unbiased review of an ARC of this book. I also purchased a copy of this book in support of the author’s work.

Denise Carmichael
This story was brilliant and enthralling. Vincent is completely enraptured by Olivia’s innocent aura from the moment he sees her. Olivia actually tells Vincent no, which he wasn’t used to. These characters where completely endearing. This story has heat, heart and a few surprises along the way. It even has a vendictive bat crap crazy character in the mix too! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I especially loved how the author ended this one. Definitely put a huge smile on my face. This was a great story you don’t want to miss.


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