Review Fade to Black (Krewe of Hunters) by Heather Graham

Where dreams go to die…

Starring in a cult TV show was a blessing for Marnie Davante, especially now that her former fame could support her future dream of starting a children’s theater. So she’ll work the convention circuit. But then a costar is brazenly murdered in front of her. With a killer who vanishes into thin air with seemingly inhuman skill, and strange events plaguing Marnie, she feels she can’t even trust her own senses.

Although his dear departed parents were famous actors, PI Bryan McFadden is about as far from Hollywood as you can get. The former military man is reluctant to get involved in such a bizarre case, but it quickly becomes obvious that Marnie is in grave danger, and he is compelled to help. It’s unclear if the killer is an obsessed fan or something more sinister. Could the show’s cast be cursed? How can Bryan keep Marnie safe when it becomes apparent there’s a force determined to make this her final curtain call?


Editorial Reviews


Graham stands at the top of the romantic suspense category.” -Publishers Weekly

“Graham is a master at world building and her latest is a thrilling, dark, and deadly tale of romantic suspense.” –Booklist, starred review, on Haunted Destiny

“Intricate, fast-paced, and intense, this riveting thriller blends romance and suspense in perfect combination and keeps readers guessing and the tension taut until the very end.” -Library Journal on Flawless

“Graham is the queen of romantic suspense, and her latest is proof that she deserves the title. What makes this story more fun than most is the relationship between Kieran Finnegan, who wants nothing more than family harmony and a functioning restaurant, and FBI agent Craig Fraiser, who wants justice. Sparks fly, and it’s electric.” –RT Book Reviews on Flawless

“Graham is a master at writing stories that weave the paranormal with the everyday…. This book was a great read with twists and turns on every page that is classic Graham style.” –RT Book Reviews on WICKED DEEDS

“Compelling and suspenseful…keeps readers guessing until the end. …Graham is a master at crafting stories that never feel old.” — RT Book Reviews on Dying Breath

“Graham wields a deftly sexy and convincing pen.”-Publishers Weekly

Top customer reviews

Joan F. Ohio
Although you knew, in the end, Adam would gain another agent for his unique Krewe, you never know who the killer is until the last chapter is closing in. Heather had me guessing again and again at which character was the villain. Although my first assumption turned out to be correct, I changed my mind several times.
Spinning a story is a talent, and Heather can spin hers with them best of them! I have to admit, the connection between Bryan and Mauve happened quicker than her other leading male/female characters, and that speed was somewhat disappointing, the story still held me captive. Either I need to learn to pace myself better, and put the book down more often, or Heather needs to lengthen her stories. Starting one of her works doesn’t mean I should finish it that same day! But it never fails to happen. Now, if only I can hold out until the next book from the Krewe comes out………….
Davia Rouda

Adam has a way of finding the best people to add to the crew! Bryan is a perfect fit. Marnie is a wonderful character and I loved the return to Hollywood or not quite Hollywood but the tv and film industry for this book. Cara and Jeremy were perfect and Bryan’s parents set a perfect stage. Loved it! Bravo Heather write on! Davia

Kindle Customer
This is another winner. This is my favorite series. I have read all her books since the 80’s . Heather Graham writes wonderful storylines and all the people that belong to Adam and his agents are great too. I highly recommend all her books to everyone who love ghosts and those that can see them. Diana Romano

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