Review Heaven Hill Series – Complete Series by Laramie Briscoe

From Laramie Briscoe, the entire original Heaven Hill Series in one volume!

Ten Novels & Two Novellas

Meant To Be:

The story that started it all featuring Liam & Denise.

Out of Darkness:

The love story of fan favorites Tyler & Meredith.

Losing Control:

The unexpected love story of Jagger & B.

Worth The Battle:

The emotional love story of Layne & Jess.

Dirty Little Secret:

The secretive love of Steele & Christine.

Second Chance Love:

The second chance romance of Rooster & Roni.

Rough Patch:

A novella featuring Jagger & B.

Beginning of Forever:

The continuation of Meredith & Tyler.

Back to Basics:

A novella featuring Liam & Denise.

Home Free:

The coming-of-age love of Drew & Charity.

Shield My Heart:

The epic love story of Mandy & Dalton

A Heaven Hill Christmas:

Novellas featuring all nine couples!

Find out why so many readers have fallen in love with the series!

Heaven Hill Series - Complete Series by [Briscoe, Laramie]


Top customer reviews

Jolyn Kas

If you are craving a good read, about hot bikers, then this series is it! Briscoe’s character’s may be alpha gruff, but they are all about their women. My favorite of the series is Book 4: Worth the Battle. Layne is seriously hot and Jessica is a romance writer. Perfect!! The series is very well edited and thought out! Excellent read from an excellent contemporary author!

Kathleen Moore
I am so glad that this complete series was released in all one file. This is a great series of characters to read. Perfect for people who love to have a community feel to their books, not just two characters.
There are not words to describe how much I love this series! As you read through the books, each character becomes like a member of your family and you, as the reader, truly care and are invested in their futures. I can not wait for the next book in this series!


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