Review Hurricane (Heaven Hill Generations Book 1) by Laramie Briscoe

We finally get our happily ever after…..

Remington “Remy” Sawyer

For most of my life I’ve been the person who lived with the hand he was dealt. Not much in my life have I had a say in. Birthed by parents I don’t talk to, I was raised by the only person who ever cared for me – my brother, Cash. Under his guidance, I’ve become the person I am today.

Productive member of society, and patched brother in the Heaven Hill MC.

I don’t want for anything, other than Tatum Walker.

We had a shot, and we both screwed it up……massively.

Tatum “Tate” Walker

Being the daughter of the President of the Heaven Hill MC is a burden, but one I’ll face every day with pride. It’s hard for me to know what people like me for. Is it my personality, my looks, or are they trying to get close to the Club? There’s one person I’ve never doubted.

Remington Sawyer.

A year ago we had one night of almost passion – that ended with me walking away in tears – and him walking away in anger.

Some time away from each other has given us perspective. Now, instead of the storm of chaos that was our one attempt at a relationship, we’re both ready for calm.

And nothing, they say, is as calm – as the eye of a Hurricane.

Hurricane (Heaven Hill Generations Book 1) by [Briscoe, Laramie]


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This book Remy and Tatum’s story and begins the second generation of Heaven Hill. I would recommend reading their novella first so that you get a true understanding of what these two have been through and what brought them to where there are at the beginning of the book. But I want to emphasize that it is not necessary.

The Heaven Hill princess who has been dubbed “Tornado Tatum” and the young club member who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks with horrible parents try to figure out if they can build a life together. I’ve read all of Laramie’s books and fell head over heels for Remy in the Red Bird series. I loved seeing his progression from sickly little boy who only had the love of his older brother who would and did do anything to care for and protect him, to broody, sexy biker with eyes for only one girl. Like others, I thought Tatum was a bit of a brat growing up so I was curious to see how the author would be able to portray her as a mature young woman who was ready to be in love. Besides getting a glimpse of what my favorite Heaven Hill members are up to (hello Liam, Tyler and Jagger!) and some steamy sexy scenes, my favorite part of this book was that Laramie wrote a story that shows that life isn’t always a fairy tale, that it gets messy sometimes but with love, respect, hard work and maturity, these two were able to move on from their mistakes and build a life together. In the end, there’s no need to dwell on the past as long as you are happy with your present and looking forward to your future.

Kindle Customer
OK I didn’t think anyone could take “Reaper’s” spot of my worship from Laramie’s “Rockin Country Series” until I read about Remy!! I freaking loved his character and if he looks anything like the cover of this book he is so WORTHY!!! Yes!! I have a new crush and he’s sexy AF!! I loved his back story as heartwrenching as it was it made him the man he turned out to be with the help of his brother Cash and the members of Heaven Hill MC.
I went into this series blind not having read the Heaven Hill series but you seriously don’t HAVE to read it, to get the gest of the characters and who they are to understand this one. Just really liked it a lot…..Tatum loved her too. Communication, communication, and I will sat it again communication is the key to any successful relationship, and oh ummmm HOT SEX helps too bahaha!! These two were made for each other. I can’t wait to read thee next installment to this series.
Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis

Hurricane is my introduction to the next generation of Laramie Briscoe’s much loved Heaven Hill MC series.

Remington “Remy” Sawyer & Tatum “Tate” Walker, the Prospect & the Prez’s daughter. I wholeheartedly admit that I’ve not yet read the Heaven Hill MC Series. This is my first foray into Laramie’s MC Series. It’s not any kind of surprise to me that even though I’ve not read the first generation of the Heaven Hill MC series, that I’m so thoroughly in love with these characters.

The relationship between Remy & Tate grabbed me by the feels and never let me out of its thrilling, emotional grip. The rollercoaster these two rode throughout the book, brought me to electrifying highs and devastating lows.

Laramie’s extraordinary gift to spin a passionate tale always, always manages to draw me in and keep me enthralled with her characters through the very end. I’m going back to get the first generation of the Heaven Hills MC Series and can’t wait to immerse myself in Laramie’s words, once again.

A. Thompson



Like all HH Fan I’ve been patiently (not so patiently) waiting on their story. Now that It’s here, I promise, it’s absolutely perfect!

I love how they own their issues. They own their faults and work to make their lives what they want. This doesn’t often happen. Many time excuses are made and mistakes are ignored or blamed on others. Not these two. They totally fight to get their crap together.

Oh my goodness, the notes. I LOVE THE NOTES! They are so freaking sweet and romantic. Completely swoon worthy. They are adorable. They have some of the sexiest, most romantic moments. I loved reading about him pushing he against the wall pinning her with his body as they talk. The moments aren’t about how their bodies connect but their souls. The scenes are perfectly written painting a very vivid image.

Remy is sweet and sensitive but when he lets out his Alpha side is very hot! He is not overtly alpha but Tatum definitely insights the alpha in him. He’s the perfect mix.

I absolutely recommend this book. Ms. Briscoe has never let me down with any of her stories and this one is no different.

Melissa Ann
🌟🌟🌟🌟Hurricane is the first book in the Heaven Hill Generations series and after not being in a book slump for weeks Hurricane turned that around and had me glued to my seat!Remy and Tatum were a young couple working through the kinks in a new relationship and giving readers a glimpse into how a real relationship truly is, not all smiles and loving looks, but something to work and fight for.


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