Review King of Diamonds: A Dark Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 1) by Renee Rose

“Dark, dirty, and perfect–Renee Rose has mastered this genre.” ~USA Today Bestselling Author Alta Hensley

I told you not to set foot in my casino again. I told you
to stay away. Because if I see those hips swinging around
my suite, I’ll pin you against the wall and take you hard.
And once I make you mine, I’m not gonna set you free.
I’m king of the Vegas underground and I take
what I want.

So run. Stay the hell away from my casino.
Or I’ll tie you to my bed. Put you on your knees.
Break you.

So come to me, beautiful, if you dare…

King of Diamonds: A Dark Mafia Romance (Vegas Underground Book 1) by [Rose, Renee]


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“I savor Renee Rose’s books as if they were the finest of champagnes” ~USA Today Bestselling Author Sierra Cartwright

“Dark, dirty, and perfect-Renee Rose has mastered this genre.” ~USA Today Bestselling Author Alta Hensley 

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The first book in a new series by Renee Rose and it takes place in Vegas. It is not a very dark book, i would say it is grey in a few scenes at most.

It is the story of Sondra and Nico. Nico moved to Vegas to try and run his business as clean as possible. Sondra is working in the hotel after a string of bad luck.

There is in instant connection between them although Nico and his connection scare Sondra too. Nico is torn between his love and his duties to the family. he is changing because of Sondra.

Sondra also has conflicted emotions about Nico. he can be scary and protective and giving at the same time. She is faced with hard choices.

It is fast paced, well written book with lots of sexy scenes.

This was one of those books that made me angry I had to stop reading to go to work. I downloaded King of Diamonds in a whim while waiting to go to work in an hour and the entire time I was working all i could think about was what would happen next! I was in a self made cliffhanger and it sucked lol. As soon as I got home I finished reading and then downloaded a previous mafia book Miss Renee wrote because I need more sexy mafia men until she releases the next book in this series!
A bit of a warning, this book is a bit darker than some of her other works, there some mild humiliation and terrorizing in the beginning that may be more than the spanky fun you(and I) were expecting but it was wrote rather eloquently in my opinion, not vulgar or gross at all so I didn’t particular mind. I also wish there was more spanky fun, but I can’t really complain too much, it’s a good book. The ending felt a little rushed, but the beginning and middle were very strong.
Linda M.
I loved this red hot romance! I love everything Renee Rose writes and King of Diamonds just might be at the top of the list. I was hooked from page one and stayed up all night to finish it. It has the right mix of all my favorite things – great characters, page turning story, dominance, tenderness, and hot, hot sex! Oh, and dirty talk. Lots and lots of dirty talk. Nico is a dominant but caring casino/hotel owner who has his heart awakened by Sondra, the feisty hotel maid who is ready, willing, and able to accept everything he has to give. I love Sondra and I am crazy about Nico. This awesome, steamy, Vegas/Mafia romance is a real turn-on and a pure pleasure to read. I cannot wait to read the upcoming books in this series.

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