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Jack Parker has three rules. One, never ever fuck a student. Two, never ever fall for a student. Three, don’t ever break any of the first two rules.

He’s just broken every single one. She’s forbidden, a temptation he should resist, but she’s just become his very reason for living.

Lucia Deen is used to being bullied, alone, with no one to turn to until he enters her life. He cares, showing that her safety matters, that she matters. But he’s her teacher. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous—and she’s already addicted.

Secrets are made to be kept, but theirs are about to be blown apart. Can their forbidden love survive the fallout?

My Teacher by [Crescent, Sam]


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Diana tidlund
Sam Crescent delivers a romance that is not only scaldingly hot but delicious at the same time in her latest book, My Teacher!
I waited as patiently as I could (which wasn’t very well) for its release and bought it within minutes of it going in sale this morning and immediately started reading it and didn’t put it down until I was done! That alone should tell you how good it was. Add to that that I was willing to pay almost five dollars for it when I normally hate paying three for a kindle book should let you in on how exciting I was expecting it to be! Luckily Sam Crescent didn’t let me down or break my trust in her writing !
My Teacher was amazing and everything it led the reader to believe it was!
The plot and the characters took hold of the readers heart and attention and never let go, I could have continued reading for hours more and I would have still been enthralled with it !
On a scale of 1-10 is give it a 12!
Stephanie Deskins
Wow! I love a good forbidden love story and Sam did an amazing job with this one. Lucia was so sweet and she deserved the world. Jack was sexy, possessive, and 100% devoted to his woman. I hope Sam decides to write more books likes this, because it is definitely gonna be one of my favorites.

Sam Crescent just took a taboo story to a whole other level. My Teacher has everything I could want: fully developed storyline, suspense, romance, and definitely taboo sexiness.

The character development is extremely robust. I love Lucia. My heart broke for her so many times. Her strength astounds me. Sam Crescent did an amazing job on Jack, adding excellent complexity to the character. I appreciate the author’s focus on character development includes secondary characters like Marie as well. The world building is phenomenal. It felt like going right back to high school again. The author’s words are powerful enough to create that sense of realism.

This book is enthralling. I couldn’t put it down because I needed to know what happened. The author elicited every emotion possible from me, which is the best sign of a must read book.

5 Stars for an emotionally spellbinding full read with hot taboo sexiness! Highly recommend.

I  truly enjoy all of Sam Crescent’s stories and this is one of my absolut favorites. The story of an overweight high school student being bullied and the fantasy-come-to-life romance with a hot teacher is everything my teenage self would have loved to read over 15 years ago. This story was a perfect combination of realistic expectations based on the scenario both teacher and student are placed in and what happens when you arcane deny yourself the one thing you really want and crave. The story is a true, authentic romance, not just a sex-filled romp (although there is sex!), which makes me appreciate the story even more. I appreciate that I can imagine this story actually happening which makes the story even more real for me. I’m happy Lucia and Jack found each other and hung on in this love story. <3 Thank you, Sanm, for writing the story many of us wanted to read for so long! It spoke to me in many ways and I know this will be one of my go-to re-reads.

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