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My mountain, my rules.
Until Federal Agent Edie Ness arrives and breaks every god-damned one of them.
She’s not some candy-ass local girl looking for a midnight booty call.
She doesn’t care the mountain’s named after my family, that the only thing bigger than my ego is my coc…
…compassion for animals.
With her perfect curves and sassy mouth she’s going to get herself killed going after these poacher bastards.
Unless I stand in their way.
Because I always protect what’s mine.
And she will be mine–screaming and moaning for every hard inch.
Claiming her isn’t going to be easy.
But I’m always up for a challenge.
Especially ones that bite back.

Rugged, untamed, Derick Halbbitter is as wild as the woods that surround him. Fall hard for the latest Devil in this thrilling, steamy, full-length standalone complete with happily-ever-after and no cliffhangers.

Reckless by [Kade, Teagan]


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Vivian C

We first met Deric in “Feral”. What? You didn’t read “Feral”?!? Shame on you. While it’s not necessary to have read it before starting “Reckless“, it does help to understand the “world” that Ms. Kade has set this story. Deric is a cocky “Devil” with a love-them-leave-them reputation. Since his sister and his best-friend got married, he’s has been thinking about long-term relationships. Then he meets Edie. After being injured on her last assignment, Edie’s overprotective father pulls strings to get her a safe assignment. Edie is tired of overprotective men and wants to prove herself. When her hunt for poachers turns dangerous, she finds herself with another overprotective man- Deric. Will this “Devil” save the girl and find a HEA for himself? I loved this story! Looking forward to the last “Devil”- Dex- getting his story.

*I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of this story as well as purchasing a copy which I am voluntarily reviewing*

Meg Nyberg
In my review of Feral, the first book in this series, the L word had a great deal of usage. I could write the same review here and just change the names to Deric and Edie. I absolutely loved, loved, loved this one too. I don’t think I would change anything in this book except making it last longer. The story, characters, action, mystery, and physical chemistry are spot-on. That doesn’t happen very often in a novel. What a great book.
I volunteered to review an arc of this book and I am so glad that I did. I highly recommend it. Again I had to buy it. Teagan Kade has become a must read.

After US Fish and Wildlife agent Edie ends up short on her previous assignment her overprotective father and FBI agent has her reassigned to a place where she won’t be in any danger, or so he thought.

Deric owns an adventure company with his best friend Dean who we met in Feral when he fell in love with Deric’s sister. He has quite a reputation with the ladies and it is well earned.

From the moment Edie and Deric met the sparks flew so when she uncovers possible poachers she decides to investigate on her own time. Deric’s protective instincts will not leave her to handle this alone so they end up on an adventure filled with twists, suspense and hot chemistry but will she be the one to tame this womanizer?

Of course Ms. Kade just had to go and top her last book that I loved with this book that I actually think I loved even more!!!
I fell in love with Deric in the last book and loved him even more in this one. And Edie was a bada**. Working in a male dominated field & not taking any crap from any male colleagues, makes her one awesome heroine.
This is one of her best books yet but I know I’ll say the same thing when the next in the series comes out 😜


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