Review Second Chance Love (Heaven Hill Book 6) by Laramie Briscoe, Kari Ayasha, Lindsay Hopper

Second Chances

Sharon “Roni” Walker and Brandon “Rooster” Hancock have a past. As teenagers and young adults they were lovers, sneaking around, hoping not to get caught. When Rooster took the fall for her, in a crime he didn’t commit, a string of events were set forth that changed lives and ruined friendships.

Seventeen years later they are at a turning point. Secrets have been revealed, mistakes have been forgiven, and now it’s up to them to choose the type of relationship they want.

There’s a passion that burns bright, but at the same time there is a fear that it will all be taken away in the blink of an eye like it was before.

They have a decision to make—do they let go of what could be the happiest time in their life, or do they take a shot on a second chance love?

Second Chance Love (Heaven Hill Book 6) by [Briscoe, Laramie]


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Laramie’s characters have done it again! I’m always so caught up in the characters and their lives that I read these books in one sitting if at all possible. Rooster and Roni are now definitely up there on my list of favorite characters. – Goodreads Review

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 What can you say; the Heaven Hill series is awesome; I don’t think Laramie Briscoe can write a bad book! This book focuses on Rooster, the former deputy sheriff who used to be Liam’s best friend when they were kids and Roni, Liam’s big sister. Rooster and Roni used to be an item when they were teens but then something bad happened to Roni, which tore apart the relationship between all three. This book focuses on the three of them trying to mend their relationships.

What I like about this series is even though some of the plot seems implausible (former sheriff hanging out with an MC club?), the characters are so well developed that you’re willing to stretch the plausibility of the plot. I also like the way she weaves in characters from former books into the current story so you get to see how they’re doing; my favorite couple is still Tyler and Meredith. As always, the love scenes are steamy but not over the top, and the author always does a good job with balancing romance, plot, and sex.

The next book is supposed to focus on Tyler and Meredith, and since they are my favorite couple, i can’t wait!


Love that we finally get to see the history of Roni & Rooster, and why there was the strain there with Liam & HH MC.

Now that Rooster is no longer a man of the law, he’s going after what he has wanted since high school. It doesn’t seem like that is a possibility given everything that has happened, and how guarded Roni is. She has been helping everyone else get their HEA, now she has the chance at hers; however, is it worth opening up old wounds.

Roni deciding to open up about her past demons and what William made her do, especially with the Dr there, was the best way to see if they can head back down that road again. Roni and Rooster get reacquainted; as well as, he works out the issues with Liam. Now, they just need to hold on for the ride.

Alion 57
If love is true and honesty prevails every thing is possible! Briscoe’s 6th Heaven Hill
book certainly is a witness to that. She continues winding characters and situations within the MC. What unites them all is a sense of love, truth and respect for one another. I love that Ms. Briscoe is not intimidated to call out who is who regardless of their economic status. William, the father, a degenerate, Drew’s coach,a drug pusher, Rooster’s parents, unlocking and cold hearted. Then there’s Bianca’s pervert of a principal. Amazingly, a group of outlaws come to save the day! Funny how everything that shines is not gold…All these guys wearing the cut could teach lessons to a few! I love these books!

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