Review Stuck: A Movie Star Romance by Logan Chance

It’s not everyday you have the number one box office star in your car. Actually, not any day for someone like me, Nova Sparks, a plain Jane hair stylist.

And the real kick in the rear end? Not only will he be in my car, in a few weeks, he’ll be in my life— as my stepbrother.

Fate has brought Ethan Hale into my small Montana world and kept him unattainable. How’s that for cruel?

Now I’m stuck being near him. Stuck with the tabloids and paparazzi. Stuck with these feelings I shouldn’t be having.

The only way to get unstuck is accept I can’t have him and send him back to Hollywood.

The only problem? He may have other plans.

Stuck: A Movie Star Romance by [Chance, Logan]


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Mr. Chance just keeps getting better and better in his writing craft. The characters are a little deeper and more complex, the settings a little more detailed and picturesque, the storyline a little more captivating and entertaining, and the romance a little steamier with each new book of his I read. And holy wow, this one had some evocative chemistry between Nova and Ethan! It was a slow build-up to the physical manifestation so the emotions had time to simmer, heat up and then boil over. Pretty great romance from a guy’s perspective, while still tossing in those manly things like horsepower and torque (ruh, ruh, ruh).

I hadn’t been keeping up with book news, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in agreeing to read an early copy of Stuck, but I’ve come to trust Chance’s writing and knew, at least, I would be entertained. Nova and Ethan’s very different worlds are about to come crashing together with the impending wedding between her mother and his father. Nova is a small-town Montana hair stylist and part-time local TV personality, and Ethan is an A-list Hollywood box office sensation. They meet when he comes to Montana for pre-wedding activities.

This book brings together two very different but equally endearing characters in a pseudo-taboo trope with a delicious, slow-burning romance that was delightful to read. It’s relatively angst free, if you don’t buy into the stigma of a relationship between adult strangers who become step-siblings, but still has realistic issues and challenges to overcome and lots of emotion to have the reader cheering for them. I loved both of these characters, thoroughly enjoyed their story, and definitely recommend it!

*I reviewed this book freely and voluntarily, having made no commitment to provide a review and receiving no compensation of any kind from any source for this review.

Jessica Green

It never fails. I’ve been transported yet again into the mind of Logan Chance. Another story I can say I fully enjoyed. This story starts off with what’s supposed to be a young woman whose about to meet her new family, but instead falls for the hot and famous soon to be step-brother. Heck, I don’t blame her one bit. Nova is just like so many other girls who still have or had a secret crush before. It’s not often you hear your new step-brother is famous and sizzling hot, or maybe “hot & lickable” is a better way to describe Ethan. He can be irritating and arrogant at times, but I think this author nailed it right on the nose. It’s exactly what I would expect from a famous and sexy guy like Ethan. The many things I loved about this book, was all the bantering and sarcasm between Ethan and Nova. Its been awhile since I’ve laughed that hard and I hadn’t expected to laugh that much. Oh and did I mention the sex scenes in this book were smoking hot? Ummm…I don’t think I did. I guess I was to busy remembering one of those hot scenes and looking for my hand held fan. I suggest everyone head out to the store and get yourself one before you start reading this book. You know just in case.

Logan Chance has written some previous books that has melted your heart, and I’ve heard can make you cry. Okay, it was me I was a little emotional at times, but the one thing he’s always been good at is making people laugh in each one of his books. It’s a pleasure to read books with so much depth and a touch of humor. This author knows how to give all of that and more when he writes. I can honestly say I haven’t read a book yet by him that I didn’t not just like but loved. Make sure to check this book out and don’t forget the hand held fan I mentioned above. You’re going to need it.


STUCK – IS SUPERB AND FLAMING-HOT! I was pleasantly surprised and elated this wasn’t just an ordinary not-permitted step-sister – Hollywood romance. A fiery full-of-feeling page-turner that hooked me from the start until the done-to-perfection happily ever after. Believable praiseworthy characters had me cheering, feeling their emotions and left me wanting more. Inside; drama, fun/romantic times, humor, fabulous dialogue, suspense, picturesque/dynamic vivid scene descriptions, and intense passionate romance.

Ethan Hale a gorgeous blue-eyed actor tends to be a bit snooty at times. Nova Sparks is a blonde hometown beauty who thinks she is a plain-Jane and soon to be Ethan’s step-sister. At their first meeting, Nova shows him her sassy persona. Ethan is not only shocked by her audacious attitude but intrigued and keeps his fiery desires for her at bay. Their story is full of surprises, and they do face a few unwanted challenges before reaching their happy ending.

IMPRESSIVE story fused with reality and fantasy. There were times I smiled/laughed and some moments tugged at my heart. Nova and Ethan are a fabulous couple; their devotion for each other is more than convincing. The epilogue had me beaming with joy and the last line is absolutely perfect. Finding this story to be quite entertaining and loved it so much {of my own volition without any stipulations I reviewed an advanced copy. I also purchased this book so it would last forever as e-readers occasionally fail.} Without reservations, I recommend this read.

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