Review The Better Bride: A Billionaire Hangover Romance (Accidentally Married Book 4) by Natalie Knight, Daphne Dawn

A wedding to remember…if only I could.

Mysti May. Former beauty queen.
Gorgeous and sweet. Pure perfection.
The woman I’ve wanted as long as I can remember,
But could never have because I’m her best friend’s brother.

Oh, and did I mention?
She’s marrying another man today.

This woman is off limits in every way.
Until she shows up at my door.
Packing a punch. Literally.
One that sets off a chain of events I never saw coming.

Because she wasn’t the only one getting married today.
Looks like fate knows best who’s the better bride.

Only now that I finally have her,
I have to convince her to stay.

***The Better Bride is a full length STANDALONE novel of 70,000+ words guaranteed to take you on a wild, fun-filled ride from the dynamic author duo that brought you the smash hits in the Accidentally Married series. Bonus content is included for your reading enjoyment!***

The Better Bride: A Billionaire Hangover Romance (Accidentally Married Book 4) by [Knight, Natalie, Dawn, Daphne]


Editorial Reviews


I absolutely loved this book. I’d give it more than 5 stars if I could. I was hooked from beginning to end. In fact, I downloaded this morning and have finished reading it already. It was four hours of hot sex, intrigue and drunken, comedy-like situations. It’s the story of Brendon and Mysti May, friends who are engaged (not to each other) and to be married on the same day. The book’s characters include Mysti May’s best friends and their partners. Add some twists and turns and it tells the story of how they unravel their previous day to get to the truth of their current situation. The characters were awesome and the story was well written. I just had to keep reading to find out what happened/went wrong next. This is a stand-alone novel, however the author mentions that this is one book in a series. I’ll definitely be looking out for the rest in the series if this book is any indication of the talent and imagination of this captivating author.
-Chris, Amazon reviewerThis book is better than a roller coaster at an amusement park. I laughed so hard. And it’s the kind of laughing you do where you bend over and slap your knees. This book is hilarious. Brendon is engaged to Henrietta and Mysti Mae is engaged to Norbert. Yes, that’s his name. Should tell you something. Anyway everybody’s engagement gets broken and drunken Mysti Mae and Brendon get married. Enter tequila. Mysti Mae doesn’t remember anything the next day. As the book goes along, Mysti Mae and her friends, Becky, Sammi, and Percy, start to remember what happened. It is one of the funniest books I have ever read. You will totally love it. I can just picture someone reading this book on an airplane and laughing the whole flight.
-Dimples, Amazon reviewerWith the pairing of these two authors,you know you’re in for a ride! They bring a cast of colorful and adventurous characters and take on one escapade after another. Misti May and Brendon are set to get married .. but not to each other .. or are they? When she wakes up and they’re in bed together after a night of partying with the girls,she can’t remember what happened. Bit by bit and clue by clue the girls retrace the night … and It’s a hilarious set of events, along with a bit of drama and danger .. when she eventually comes to the nights conclusion . The passion and chemistry between Misti and Brendon is hot and the sexual scenes are smoking. I loved the ending! The authors move the story quickly and smoothly and keep you turning the pages to see what’s coming next. I enjoyed reading their story and would recommend this book.
-Brenda, Amazon reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this intriguingly funny book. This story flowed flawlessly from page to page. I did not want to put this fast paced read down. I was so engrossed in Brendon and Misty Mays romance and how this book progressed throughout. There were plenty of twists and turns in a great way. This duo of authors have written another great book and I loved their collaboration on this wonderful read. High recommendation from me to one click for your library.
-Izzy, Amazon reviewer

The dynamic duo is back again with a sort of like female version of The Hangover. I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in a long time. Mysti May and Branden along the incredible supporting cast are going to give you the best bang for your buck that you could ever want. I was hooked right from that cover. The writing makes you feel as though you are a part of the friendship. It’s definitely over-the-top but you won’t care. So good….you need to get your hands all over this one.
-JJ, Amazon reviewer

I loved this book immensely and loved the ones before. I laughed so much it’s amazing how you both write such a great book. This is the last tale of the four best friends. It’s Mysti May’s turn to find the love of her life since Percy, Becky and Sammi have found theirs. Their night of drunken crazy antics is forgotten until the next day when they find the answers to the mysteries of the night before. Becky’s brother Brenden will help remember. Loved the ending of this book! Thank you ladies for another excellent book.
-Nora, Amazon reviewer

Top customer reviews

Carol’s keeper
When you least expect it, your life is turned upside down. Spending a weekend with your besties, and celebrating your upcoming nuptials, yet your fiancé has given you structions: no drinking,flirting, ok,seriously who is this guy. Mysti has had feelings for her best friend’s brother for many, any years, Brendon the same, has tried to fight it, not winning at this. Join in,great story, secrets come out, feelings shared, fun,serious, amazing story, loved it❤.
Kindle Customer
A very good love story that will take you on a fun and exciting ride. A different take on falling in love. If you are looking for thrills and a pleasurable time, this book is for you! Grab it now and see how much you will enjoy it!


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