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Marius Payne is the kind of sailor who makes me go commando.
He’s the only man I’ve let invade my foxhole, but now he’s occupying my heart.

Marius is arrogant. He’s broody. He’s wounded in more ways than one. And that’s when he drops a bombshell.

The only way he can secure a cushy job in DC is if he softens his image and transforms from a rogue Navy SEAL into a family man.

So, of course, I agree to have his baby.

Make love, not war.
Then make war.

Wargasm is a sexy, laugh-out loud romance from Wall-Street Journal Bestselling Author Sosie Frost. Love stand-alone romances set in a connected universe? The Payne Brothers are sexy, deliciously tempting, and, like a real family–they can’t stand each other. Fortunately, these small-town women know how to handle their men. Hearts will heal, one romantic comedy at a time.

Wargasm is a complete standalone! This BWWM Romantic Comedy is 100% safe, contains no cheating or cliffhangers, and is guaranteed a heart-warming Happily Ever After.

Wargasm by [Frost, Sosie]


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This book. Wargasm. WOW. It’s the absolute best mix off the wall crazy, sexy, sweet, sadness and that much talked about insta-love!
Going back to the town of overpopulated Wildlife, and hilarious gossiping townsfolk Butterpond. The next Payne Brother to bite the dust is Marius- after a run-in with the local Geese Police Officer Gretchen, whose tirade about parking leads into territory beyond her duties- the two begin an all-out battle of wits… throwing in their whole bodies for leverage!
What starts out as fun, hot filtration becomes healing of both mind, body, and soul for them both, if they will let it.Move over boys– Marius is my new favorite Payne brother! Woo!
He’s a retired Navy SEAL who fights terrorists, ferocious bird dogs, Geese looking for the goods, hairless Alpacas, does Covert Night Ops for urine laden objects… and lives for crazy… Whats not to love?
There was not a thing I didn’t heart about this book! Laugh out loud scenes, so much love mixed in with the crazy. (I don’t think she was all that crazy. Personally, I think it was just that right amount. Just saying ) The heart mending in the story is done in a way that I appreciated, not overly dramatized, more authentic, in my opinion, made for the wild and absolute hilarious that follows fit perfectly.

Heat level dirty, flirty, and set to intense. I appreciated, and virtually high fived the author for how the issues that arose during the sexcapades were discussed( or handled haha), and boundaries are pushed, broken through, and it’s not all the female who has the issues in the tale ( THANK YOU!!)
Another well-written story that has further sucked me in. I am fully invested in this wonderfully messed up family and their crazy town.
I cannot WAIT for Vairus Payne’s Story SixtyNine EEEKKK

Do you want a romance with humor and some heart mending all in one beautifully messy, crazy story? I highly suggest checking this one and the other books in the Payne Brothers series out!

5 Stars!!
#One-click #MustRead

For the record, I looked up hairless Alpacas; I think they’re somewhat cute, in your mother will always love you sort of way. Yikes!

Maria Hunt

Wargasm was an amazing introduction to this author for me. This author did a phenomenal job of shedding light on veteran issues in a way that kept me engaged and devouring this story as quickly as I could. From laugh out loud moments to ones that squeezed my heart this book hooked me from the first page.

I pretty much fell for Marius from the beginning. The wounded, broody and smooth-talking former SEAL charmed me from the get go. Marius wasn’t prepared for the moment Gretchen came crashing into his life. From the beginning sparks flew between them and I knew I was in for a wild ride. Some of their crazy miscommunications had me holding my side as tears ran down my face from laughter! I loved the witty banter between them as well as the emotional journey they took me on.

The quirky secondary characters and small town setting that had me wanting to join them for the next Butterpond Town Council meeting. This is the third book in this series but it can definitely be read as a standalone. Though if you’re like me you’ll want to go back and catch up with the rest of the Payne family asap and will be eagerly waiting for the next book!


But first, he’d have to let her in. Marius Payne and Gretchen’s biggest problem was lack of communication. It was not love at first sight for them but there was definitely a spark. Gretchen was so hell bent on stopping her father from getting married again, she did not think that her father Elijah Murphy was using the right head. She was determined not to fall in love with Marius. But it was a done deal. He was not the kind of man she ever thought she would end up with. She knew that he was still broken from his no longer being a Navy Seal and adjusting to life with one leg. That did not matter to Gretchen. Her father was getting a new life with his new wife and no longer needed her help. She wanted a new life with Marius.

Marius, on the other hand, fell heads over heels in love with Gretchen. He thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but she deserved someone better than him. Someone not broken. If he were to be completely honest with her she may hate him. But, being without her was no choice. He decided to come clean and let the chips fall where they may.

Sosie wrote a sweet and heartwarming story about a wounded sailor’s adjusting to his new life as a civilian with one leg and the woman who fell in love with him just the way he was. The flirtatiousness of Marius with Gretchen was soooooo hot and on point. The monthly meetings of the town is always hilarious. The comic relief in this story was on point, especially with the Payne brothers. This story was a joy to read with just enough balance of seriousness and comic relief. Great job Sosie!

Cristene M.
The title for this book was so perfectly named. This story revolves around Gretchen the quirky geese police officer and Marius the war veteran of the Payne brothers. These two make for very interesting and hilarious read that will have you reading till the end just see what else they can get into. It was really great to revisit the town of Butterpond with its lively cast of characters as well, from very entertaining town meetings to the very hilarious descriptions of animals on the Payne from especially Alice. It was very fascinating to see how many times Gretchen couldn’t help but stuck her foot in her mouth, at most interactions. It was great to see Marius evolve and come out of his funk as well. You absolutely have to read this book from the Payne brothers series you will not be disappointed. Please read the previous two books of you haven’t you will enjoy them. Highly recommend!!!


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