Review Beach Rental: An Emerald Isle, NC Novel (#1) by Grace Greene

On the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, in the small town of Emerald Isle…

Juli Cooke, hard-working and getting nowhere fast, marries a dying man, Ben Bradshaw, for a financial settlement, not expecting he will set her on a journey of hope and love. The journey brings her to Luke Winters, a local art dealer, but Luke resents the woman who married his sick friend and warns her not to hurt Ben—and he’s watching to make sure she doesn’t.

Until Ben dies and the stakes change.

Framed by the timelessness of the Atlantic Ocean and the brilliant blue of the beach sky, Juli struggles against her past, the opposition of Ben’s and Luke’s families, and even the living reminder of her marriage—to build a future with hope and perhaps to find the love of her life—if she can survive the danger from her past.

Beach Rental: An Emerald Isle, NC Novel (#1) by [Greene, Grace]


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Beach Rental:
Grace Greene, with a captivating style, writes a compelling story about coping with the worst and enjoying the best of life. Ms. Greene’s descriptions and her ability to create vibrant characters makes Beach Rental a book one wants to read non-stop.
Camellia – Long and Short Reviews (8/11/11)
 Juli’s lessons on different kinds of love and unexpected blessings is a great, uplifting story despite some of the other sadder aspects of the tale.  This book is very well written, pulling you in and never letting go.  You’ll want some tissues for this one, but it’s one I’d recommend!
English Rose – Clean Romance Reviews  (8/4/11)No author can even come close to capturing the awe-inspiring essence of the North Carolina coast like Greene. Her debut novel seamlessly combines hope, love and faith, like the female equivalent of Nicholas Sparks. …you’ll hear the gulls overhead and the waves crashing onto shore.  –  RT Book Reviews – September 2012 – 4.5 stars TOP PICK

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This is the first book that I read by Mrs. Greene. I now know it was her first book to write as well. BRAVO! Not only did I read it, I recommended it to my mom. And I have encouraged my teenager to read it. There is nothing in it that each of them would embarrass either of them.

The story is about a young lady from the lower middle class trying to make it on her own who meets a man at a party where she is working on the catering staff. An innocent exchange; nothing that couldn’t happen at any well to do party. Then there comes the hook.

The man she meets seeks her out, presents her with a proposition — NOT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING — and it’s intriguing. She ends up accepting and puts the book into motion.

What I really liked was the building of the relationship between the characters. The sweetness, the realness, the honesty. There wasn’t a sexual aspect to it at all. There was companionship. There was conflict from outside influences that didn’t approve and didn’t understand the relationship. Again, a lot of times a reality for a lot of us, when our relationships are judged from outsiders looking in.

The male character is very driven by his faith in God. And while this book is not a “christian” book, it has that aspect in it. His faith plays a huge role in the decisions that he makes, in the way he handles himself, and in how the female main character views him. As a Christian woman myself, it was enjoyable to see the effortlessness at which the author made that seem normal.

Now, as I mentioned there are no sex scenes, and I intend for my young, teenager to read this. However, sex does occur between the characters. It is not graphic in anyway and does not sensationalize the need for sex or make it ok for a teenager. There are consequences that occur because of the sex. Again, very appropriate and excellently handled.

When I write a review, I try very hard to convey what I loved about the story without giving away the plot or the storyline too much if at all. I want you to know what I found appealing without you reading the book thinking, “when is (fill in the blank) going to happen?”. That’s not fair to you as a reader or to the author who spent so much time weaving the story. This is one of those books where I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING because I know that if you knew the twists in the plot, you would be so intrigued, you couldn’t help but go out and read it for yourself.

I said earlier, this was the first book of Grace Greene’s that I had read. I plan on reading more! Thank you, Mrs. Greene, for giving me a lovely story about life, love, death, faith, and human kindness that is clean enough that I can share with my daughter.

“Sometimes you have to trust people. Sometimes you have to– you have to have faith.”
What a beautiful story about taking a chance.
Things don’t always turn out as we want, they turn out for the best at that time. You must trust.
When Juli accepts Ben’s offer for a better life in exchange for friendship, neither expects where their journey will lead them, together and in life.
It’s a connection you do not want to miss and be assured, you will need a handful of tissues.
I was completely absorbed in this story and finished in two days and now I am anxious to read book two in this series to see where these folks are headed in their lives now.
Gail A. Demaree
What a heartwarming story that will take you to the shorelines of North Carolina. Very written story with a a great cast of characters that intertwine with each other so well. They will make you feel like you are in the small town of Emerald Isle.The story will make you laugh and cry. It is filled with twists and surprises. Wondering what will happen next. I loved every minute of the story!


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