Review Everything We Left Behind: A Novel by Kerry Lonsdale

This is a part 2 of The Everything Series 

Two months before his wedding, financial executive James Donato chased his trade-laundering brother Phil to Mexico, only to be lost at sea and presumed dead. Six and a half years later, he emerges from a dissociative fugue state to find he’s been living in Oaxaca as artist Carlos Dominguez, widower and father of two sons, with his sister-in-law Natalya Hayes, a retired professional surfer, helping to keep his life afloat. But his fiancée, Aimee Tierney, the love of his life, has moved on. She’s married and has a child of her own.

Devastated, James and his sons return to California. But Phil is scheduled for release from prison, and he’s determined to find James, who witnessed something in Mexico that could land Phil back in confinement. Under mounting family pressure, James flees with his sons to Kauai, seeking refuge with Natalya. As James begins to unravel the mystery of his fractured identity, danger is never far behind, and Natalya may be the only person he can trust.

*If you haven’t read EVERYTHING WE KEEP  the first book in the series yet then proceed with caution. 


Everything We Left Behind: A Novel (The Everything Series Book 2) by [Lonsdale, Kerry]



Books in The Everything Series (3 Book Series)

Everything We Keep (book 1)

Everything We Left Behind (book 2)

Everything We Give (book 3)

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A Liz and Lisa Best Book of the Month

A Top 100 Kindle Bestseller of 2017

“In this suspenseful sequel to Everything We Keep…readers will be captivated as the truth unravels, hanging on every word.” RT Book Reviews

“A stunning fusion of suspense, family drama, and redemption, Everything We Left Behind will hold the reader spellbound to the last sentence.” —A. J. Banner, #1 Kindle and USA Today bestselling author of The Twilight Wife and The Good Neighbor

“Love, loss, and secrets drive Kerry Lonsdale’s twisty follow-up to the bestselling Everything We KeepEverything We Left Behind is an enthralling and entertaining read. You’ll be turning the pages as fast as you can to see how it ends.” —Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, authors of The Good Widow

“While Everything We Left Behind, the long-anticipated sequel to Everything We Keep, is page-turning and suspenseful, at its center it is the story of a man struggling to discover the truth of his own identity. A man who is determined above all else to protect his family, a man who is willing to risk everything to find out the truth and to ultimately uncover the secrets of his own heart. For everyone who has read Everything We Keep (if you haven’t go do that now!), this is your novel, answering every question, tying up every thread to an oh-so-satisfying conclusion.” —Barbara Taylor Sissel, author of The Truth We Bury

“With one smart, unexpected twist after another, this page-turner is as surprising as it is emotionally insightful. Everything We Left Behind showcases Kerry Lonsdale at the top of her game.” —Camille Pagán, bestselling author of Life and Other Near-Death Experiences

“Told through a unique perspective, Everything We Left Behind is a compelling story about one man’s journey to find himself in the wake of trauma, dark secrets, and loss. As past and present merge, he struggles to confront fear and find trust, but two constants remain: his love for his young sons and his need to protect them from danger. This novel has everything—romance, suspense, mystery, family drama. What a page-turner!” —Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of Echoes of Family

Top customer reviews

Tammy silvis
Still intrigued by the perfect reevaluation of events in this series. Grips your imagination and hangs on tight. Great read.
Pam Keller
love this series. Cant wait to start the third one just released!!
Kindle Customer
Part 2 of this series definitely had me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what results come about after all these twists!




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