Review Hellion’s Law: A Bad Boy Romance (Hellion Club Book 5) by Aiden Bates

I came to the Hellion Club to solve a murder, not to become some banker’s boy toy.

All my life, my omega status has been a pain my ass. Shaping what other people assume about me. Determining who I date, or who’ll date me. My own biology trying to tell me to slow down and have babies. Well screw that. Only I get to decide how I live my life, and I decided a long time ago I was going to be the best damn detective this city had ever seen.

And yet here I am anyway, pregnant in the middle of a murder investigation. The highest profile investigation of my career. The thing that could shoot me to the top. Instead I’m busy fending off my would-be alpha, the oh so posh and traditional Sebastian Banks, Hellfire Club elite. If he had his way, I’d spend the rest of my life either in bed or the kitchen. If my body had its way, it would happily let him.

It’s everything I’ve spent my whole life resisting. Now more than ever, I have to focus on what really matters to me. But I can’t help but wonder…is it really just simple biology that keeps pulling me back towards this man? Or is it something more?


I’ve always lived my life according to certain expectations, and in return life has met mine.

An omega cop who loudly asserts his independence at every opportunity falls nowhere within the boundaries of the expected.

And yet Noah Wells manages to be all the more irresistible for it.

I don’t understand it. Or him. I don’t know why he resists me or the attraction between us. More riddles to unravel, but I can be patient.

I can be anything he wants or needs me to be, if he’ll just give me the chance to show him. Funny, I thought I was supposed to be the alpha between us. Maybe there’s more to his modern ideas than I would have thought. Not that he needs to know that, of course…

Murder, mystery and mpreg abound in this 50,000 word tale of opposites attracting. The sparks between these two can be explosive, so please be eighteen years or older when following them into the bedroom!


Hellion's Law: A Bad Boy Romance (Hellion Club Book 5) by [Bates, Aiden]

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Sebastian Banks is a pretty traditional Hellion Club alpha, a legacy, part of the governing committee and alone.
Noah Wells is a NYPD homicide detective but he has some Hellion past also he’s an omega and the light of his single Dad’s life but also alone.
Noah is called out to a double murder just outside the door to the Club. Someone wants it to seem that a member and an employee had been killed. The ages and conditions of the bodies make that impossible but the Club seems to be a real target. This murder evolved into a serial series of killings that seem to have no common thread.
We get to interact with Keegan Cunningham,and his wardrobe, also Sebastian who is attracted to the detective.
This book literally brings back ALL the inhabitants from the others in series.
The mystery is suitably mysterious and we all root for the couple to overcome their problems and thrive .
I LOVED the inclusion of the favorites from other Hellion books and they fit beautifully into the story of this one.
Keegan may just be my one true hero of the series but since his brother in law is a pro baseball player maybe the MVP??
I ‘m sorry to see this terrific series end but there’s always something wonderful coming with Aiden.
Kindle Customer
…and much more enjoyable. Watching the evolution of Sebastian and Noah’s relationship is both bittersweet and satisfying once they get their priorities together and within reasonably acceptable limitations where both compromise versus resorting to their own traditions. The serial killer capture seemed anticlimactic when all was said and done because he didn’t ever explain to my satisfaction how he selected his victims, or why he redressed and arranged their death poses. I always wish for more time with the baby; they only name him, then fade away into the sunset with their child in one or the others carrier, and we get no sense of any personality or interaction, just a summary of their wedding, honeymoon, birth and delivery, and Sebastian’s family. I hate that Aiden Bates always does that. I love epilogues, and he never writes satisfying ones. This is why it receives 3.5 stars ( I do round up however).

Action, drama, romance between two very different men, and a who is the bad guy! Awesome Read!!

I so enjoyed this last of the series and am kinda sad at the same time. This author builds a world that you get attached too and are not ready to let go of.

Noah and Sebastian will keep you reading just because they are so well developed that you will be invested in their HEA!

Awesome characters, great story-line and the writing is superb!



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