Review The Girl Before: A Novel by JP Delaney

Reeling from a violent break-in, Emma wants a home where she feels safe.
Nowhere is quite right until the agent suggests One Folgate Street: ‘It’s not a
place that would suit everyone, the landlord is very particular…’ The house
is extraordinary, breathtaking but it comes with a set of rules enforced by
the enigmatic architect owner. Emma promises her boyfriend Simon that
everything will be different when they move in.

Jane is looking for a fresh start and the blank canvas of One Folgate Street
seems to offer just that. Not to mention that the architect Edward Monkton
is rather attractive. But once she moves in strange things begin to happen
and Emma’s past and Jane’s present become inexorably entwined.





Editorial Reviews


“Dazzling, startling, and above all cunning—a pitch-perfect novel of psychological suspense.”—Lee Child

The Girl Before generates a fast pace. . . . [J. P.] Delaney intersperses ethics questions on stand-alone pages throughout the book. . . . The single most ingenious touch is that we’re not provided either woman’s answers.”—The New York Times

“J. P. Delaney builds the suspense.”Vanity Fair

“Immediate guarantee: You will not be able to put this book down. . . . Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will realize that there’s not only more where that came from, but it’s also more thrilling.”American Booksellers Association

“This is going to be the buzziest book of 2017. We may only be a few weeks into 2017, but we’re calling it early: This year, The Girl Before will be that book. The upcoming novel by author J. P. Delaney has all of the makings of a sexy murder mystery that is sure to hit the bestseller chart, and it already has the movie deal to prove it.”InStyle

“Delaney has created a genuinely eerie, fascinating setting in One Folgate Street. . . . The novel’s structure, volleying back and forth as first Emma and then Jane begin to question their improbable luck, is beautifully handled. The pages fly.”USA Today

“The house has a dark past and a landlord that’s anything but welcoming.”New York Post, one of the must-read books of the week

The Girl Before is deservedly anointed the ‘top girl’ of this season’s suspense novels.”The Washington Post 

The Girl Before is a cat-and-mouse game that toys with our expectations and twists our sympathies. At times almost unbearably suspenseful, it keeps us guessing from the first page to the very last. Don’t miss it.”—Joseph Finder

“Get hooked on this hair-raiser about a woman who scores what seems like her dream home . . . until she finds out the mysterious fate of the previous tenant.”Cosmopolitan

“One of the best thrillers you’ll read in 2017. . . . The Girl Before will appeal greatly to fans of psychological suspense.”New York Journal of Books

“Riveting! One of the most compelling page-turners I’ve read in years. Twisty, turny, and with an ending not to be missed!”—Lisa Gardner

“Riveting . . . Writing with precision and grace, Delaney strips away the characters’ secrets until the raw truth of each is revealed.”Publishers Weekly

“Superior psychological suspense . . . a cleverly constructed thriller.”The Bookseller

“A masterfully crafted spellbinder . . . guaranteed to astonish.”Booklist (starred review)

About the Author

Susan Petrunya
A truly unique book that kept the reader guessing until the end.The back and forth chapters between the characters was well-written and definitely engrossing. This book was a delightful surprised.
Claudia Feltus
Great book, keeps you guessing who all though the book. Interesting ending! Love all the describable images. Can’t wait for Ron Howard to make the book into the movie!



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