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I have never read the lord of the Rings before but I have watched the movies and played the games and I loved them. However I was always confused at what was going on at times but after reading the books everything makes so much sense now. I honestly liked the books more than the movies and although they are similar the books have way more content and details in them. So if you loved the movies I would 100% suggest getting the books.

Speaking of the books I got the paperback version and they are beautiful. Although they are simple and the covers are one plain color per book it still has that sense of style and simplicity. They covers and case are thick and well made. Although their were points in the books where the words were slightly faded I still has no problem reading them.

I’m not even going to talk about the story since just trust me when I say its one of the best series ever. I have never read or even considered reading a series twice but I honestly think that I might read this one a second time that’s how much I liked it.

So if you liked the movies and aren’t sure about reading the books I would say go for it and get them since you wont be disappointed. If you never watched the movies then get both them and the books:)


Review for The Lord of the Rings.

I’ll keep it brief, this is not a review of the actual story but of this specific edition. I have attached many pictures that I hope help you decide if this is an edition you want to buy.

– The font is big and easy to read.
– 65 beautiful illustrations by Alan Lee that bring the story to life.

– Slipcover is an opaque plastic, whit a modern look that I think doesn’t complement the book.
– One or two blank pages before and/or after each illustration.

Overall I think this is a great edition and it’s worth buying.

Er Jwee Chiek
The Hobbit is a marvellous fantasy and cautionary tale for readers of all ages. Entertaining yet instructional on how to live life to the full, honourably, meaningfully and enjoyably. Even for one like me who has past the half century mark. I simply don’t have enough praises for Tolkien’s exciting adventure tale that has all the classic ingredients for a good fantasy story. Strange and wonderful beings of goblins, elves, dwarves, stone giants, magic rings, giant spiders, shape shifting beings, castles filled with gold and yes, an angry fire breathing dragon that talks oh so intelligently. We are also inspired by actions of bravery, loyalty, selflessness in endearing characters like our Bilbo Baggins the hobbit and Gandalf the wizard. I was so impressed with the mighty Smaug, the fire breathing and talking dragon, I could not stop myself from comparing Smaug with the pathetic lizards in the Games of Thrones that pale in comparison. Director Peter Jackson did a wonderful job in bringing the middle earth tale to life with 3 films using the majestic snowy mountains of NZ as backdrop, wonderful CGIs and plenty of embellishments to the story. It was a joy to read the book in tandem with watching the films. Overall Jackson was faithful to Tolkiens message. Despite a fantasy premise, the central theme to the story was serious and confined not just in the fantasy world, but also in the real mortal world of ours. Yes, old vices like greed and corruption. Like the dwarves, the best of us can be blinded by obsession with wealth and luxury or the inexorable insatiable lust to attain it. Sadly like the ambitious Thorin, the king of dwarfs, some of us would sacrifice honour, integrity and friendship for gold. Yet the irony was even though Thorin finally achieved his lifelong ambition to retake his lonely mountain of gold and treasure, and the throne as king under the mountain, he did not live long enough to taste the fruits of his victory. Bilbo Baggins, however, was the antithesis of the king of dwarves Thorin. Humble, hospitable, unambitious, an unlikely hero, easily contented with the simple pleasures of life like breakfast and tea, Bilbo was not blinded by the ocean of gold in the castle nor was he beset with lust to keep the Archenstone. Friendship, loyalty, and honor came first. In the end, Bilbo did have an obsession with his magic ring. With his heart of gold and the good fortune shining on him and the good wizard Gandalf watching after him, Bilbo would no doubt have lived a great long life. Thanks to Bilbo’s obsession, we were in for a treat for more adventures from Tolkien.
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